Angus Accountancy Client Testimonials

Angus Accountancy Client Testimonials

Unsolicited testimonials from happy smiling clients:

"Good pro-active tax advice on dividend withdrawals. Turns around my limited company accounts and tax returns in 10 working days. I would definitely recommend Angus Accountancy".

IA, Contractor, Aberdeen


“I’m hopeless with paperwork. Every three months I take a bag of invoices and a bank download to Angus Accountancy and they solve all my problems. It’s a real stress buster and allows me to focus on my core business which is not doing vat and tax returns”.

SM, Shop Owner, Angus


“Every time I haul up a lobster pot, I thank my lucky stars that Angus Accountancy are making my vat claim, sorting my fuel duty claim, and filing my self-assessment return”.

MA, Fisherman, Aberdeen


“Whenever I run my number two clippers over a pair of Dennis-Healey-esque eyebrows I send up a prayer to the gods of accountancy that my affairs are being managed in an efficient and cost-effective manner”.

JW, Barber, Arbroath


“I was paying the same price for an unqualified numptie bookkeeper who completed my tax return incorrectly and got me involved in an HMRC aspect enquiry. Simon Wills is a qualified, licenced Chartered Certified Accountant and I think that means something”.

ER, Landscape Gardener


“I’m a CIS subby and need my tax return prepared and filed online quickly. Simon Wills turns it around in seven days. This allows me to give my entire tax refund to Billy Hills in a speedy and efficient manner”.

SS, Carnoustie


“Not quite as bad as some other accountants in Angus and marginally less expensive”

MC, Web Designer, Fife


“I was behind with it all – Vat, Payroll and Tax. Unindated with work and then things got even more worser with a tax inspection. Simon sorted it all out for me”.

XR, Antiquarian Bookseller, Lochee


“I’d be better off living in a caravan in a lay by and keeping a whippet.”

WS, Entrepreneur, Forfar


“Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains. Happiness is forgetfulness of one’s self. So work for the night is coming…”

WM, Plumber, Friockheim


Even now there are places where a thought might grow –
Peruvian mines, worked out and abandoned
To a slow clock of condensation,
An echo trapped for ever, and a flutter
Of wildflowers in the lift-shaft,
Indian compounds where the wind dances
And a door bangs with diminished confidence,
Lime crevices behind rippling rainbarrels,
Dog corners for bone burials;
And in an Accountant's office in Arbroath.

AP, Publican, Arbroath